Car Accident in Alaichhara Area

Car Accident in Alaichhara Area Spurs Concerns Over Road Safety

A Maruti Alto meets with an accident in Alaichhara, prompting a thorough investigation by local authorities

Shanti Bazar 31 Jan 2024: Late on Wednesday night, a Maruti Alto bearing registration number TA 08 0381 was involved in a road accident in the serene Alaichhara locality, situated within the Shanti Bazar sub-district. The incident unfolded as the driver, experiencing fatigue, lost control of the vehicle while navigating the national highway.

When the unfortunate event occurred, the car was en route from Udaipur to Shanti Bazar. Thankfully, no casualties or injuries have been reported, despite the accident’s severity. Promptly responding to the news, the local police from Shantir Bazar Thana rushed to the scene.

The as-yet-unidentified driver allegedly veered off the road near the Alaichhara area due to drowsiness, resulting in the overturning of the vehicle. Fortuitously, no other vehicles were involved, and the driver was found conscious and coherent when authorities arrived.

Local law enforcement has initiated an investigation to determine the precise cause and circumstances leading to the mishap. Preliminary findings suggest that the driver, on a journey from Udaipur to Shanti Bazar, may have succumbed to fatigue, resulting in losing control of the vehicle.


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