Longdrai Festival Unveils Centuries-Old Devotion – Reang ritualistic practices

In a spirited celebration marked by zeal and festive fervor, the Longdrai Festival 2024 unfolded today in Chulaiha village under the Ampinagar RD block in Gomati Tripura. Organized by the Longdrai Temple committee, the event saw a large gathering of local Reang villagers who congregated at the ancient Longdrai Temple premises to honor their deities, Mahadev and Parbati.

Reang ritualistic practices

The Longdrai Temple, deeply ingrained in the history of the region, boasts a natural stone structure worshipped as a divine entity for two centuries. The tale dates back to a Reang inhabitant who, about 200 years ago, discovered a peculiar stone in a nearby stream. Recognizing it as a divine manifestation, he carefully transported the stone and established what is now known as the Longdrai God Temple.

With unwavering faith, generation after generation, a Reang Ochai has dutifully tended to the temple for the past two centuries. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Lord Rama’s birth anniversary, villagers gathered with a pious mood. The day commenced with a religious worship program, where devotees fervently prayed for the well-being of their families and society.

The temple premises echoed with the soul-stirring tunes of Kirtan, organized by local folk teams. Maha Prasad, a sacred offering, was served to the devotees. The entire event unfolded peacefully under the watchful supervision of Police SI Manuj Debbarma, creating a festive atmosphere in the village.

Expressing their aspirations, local devotees conveyed that with sponsorship from organizations or government authorities, they plan to construct an enhanced Longdrai Temple for the devoted residents of Ekjancherra VC. The successful execution of the entire program was attributed to the guidance and supervision of senior temple committee members, Mr. Chahbiram Reang and Mr. Rajendra Reang, who ensured the event adhered to Reang ritualistic practices.


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