President Droupadi Murmu’s address on the eve of Republic Day 2024

It was also the year when India went to the moon, becoming the first to land on the lunar south pole region.

After Chandrayaan-3, the Indian Space Research Organisation rolled out a solar mission as well.

Recently, Aditya L1 was successfully put into the halo orbit. We began the new year with the launch of our first X-ray Polarimeter Satellite called XPoSat which will study space mysteries like black holes.

Many more space missions are planned in the current calendar year. I am happy to add that India’s space journey is slated to cross new milestones. Preparations for the Gaganyaan mission, our first human spaceflight programme, are proceeding smoothly. We have always been proud of our scientists and technology experts, but now they are aiming far higher than before and delivering too.

India’s space programme is aimed at expanding and deepening the role of science and technology for the benefit of the entire humanity. The amount of enthusiasm we see in the country for the ISRO’s initiatives is heartening.

New achievements in this area have fired the imagination of the young generation. More children, I am sure, will become interested in science and cultivate a scientific temper.

It will also inspire more youngsters, especially young women, to pursue careers in science and technology.

Courtesy: All India Radio news


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