Mayor Deepak Majumdar has completed two years

Agartala 8 Dec, 23: Agartala Municipal Corporation is actively working towards fulfilling the promises made to the public welfare even before coming into power. The commitment to uphold every pledge made to the citizens is evident in the meticulous efforts put forth by the corporation. Agartala Municipal Corporation Mayor, Deepak Majumdar, emphasised this dedication during a clothing distribution event held in Ward 12 as part of the corporation’s second-anniversary celebrations.

In a significant gesture of community support, the Agartala Municipal Corporation distributed clothing to residents in the locality, fostering a sense of unity and goodwill. Mayor Deepak Majumdar, along with other dignitaries including Corporate Santona Saha and social worker Dilip Modak, personally handed out garments to the beneficiaries present at the event.

Addressing the gathering, Mayor Deepak Majumdar highlighted the corporation’s focus on translating promises into tangible actions. He reiterated that Ward 12 had received clothing donations as part of the corporation’s ongoing efforts to address the needs of the underprivileged.

Mayor Majumdar also took the opportunity to draw attention to the challenges faced by the community due to the lack of previous developmental initiatives. He stated that the previous administration had fallen short in fulfilling their commitments, leading to various issues in Ward 12. However, the current corporation, under the leadership of Mayor Deepak Majumdar and with the proactive efforts of the Corporate, has been working diligently to overcome these challenges.

Acknowledging the skepticism that may exist due to past experiences, Mayor Majumdar assured citizens that the corporation’s approach is different. He emphasized that the present administration is committed to addressing and resolving the long-standing problems faced by the community.

Furthermore, Mayor Majumdar shared plans for the comprehensive development of Agartala city, noting that significant changes have already been witnessed. The city’s transformation includes the beautification of 65 additional ponds, enhancing the overall aesthetics of Agartala. He emphasized that the corporation is striving to alter the city’s landscape positively.

In conclusion, Mayor Deepak Majumdar encouraged citizens to have faith in the administration’s dedication to progress. He reiterated that the corporation’s efforts may take time, but the ultimate goal is to uplift Agartala and fulfill the promises made to the citizens. The current administration’s proactive approach is set to redefine Agartala’s urban landscape and create a brighter future for its residents.


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