Railway Infrastructure Takes Center Stage in Tripura – Central Railway Minister Lauds Progress

News 8 Dec, 23: The railway development initiatives in Tripura have garnered praise from the Central Railway Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, who commended the state’s efforts in constructing both overbridges and underbridges. Tripura’s Member of Parliament, Biplab Kumar Deb, engaged in discussions with the Railway Minister about the progress of railway projects across the state, shedding light on advancements in rail infrastructure nationwide.

Railway Minister Vaishnaw acknowledged the historic achievements in railway construction over the past nine years in Tripura. From 2004 to 2014, the nation witnessed the construction of 4,148 railway overbridges and underbridges. However, an impressive surge in the last nine years saw the construction of 10,867 railway bridges, marking an unprecedented growth of one and a half times compared to the previous decade.

Highlighting the importance of railway overbridges and underbridges, Minister Vaishnaw underscored the additional approvals granted for such projects, emphasizing their significance in enhancing railway connectivity and safety.

During the discussion, the Railway Minister extended an invitation to Member of Parliament Biplab Kumar Deb for a detailed conversation on Tripura’s railway-related matters. This engagement between the state representative and the Central Railway Minister signifies a collaborative effort to address and resolve any concerns or challenges related to Tripura’s railway development.

Tripura, with its rich cultural and economic landscape, has witnessed transformative changes in railway infrastructure, contributing to improved connectivity and accessibility for its residents. The state’s commitment to railway development aligns with the broader national agenda of enhancing transportation networks for sustainable progress.


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