BSF Tripura’s Vigilant Efforts Lead to Major Drug Seizure in Anti-Smuggling Drive

Tripura 8 Dec, 23: In a relentless pursuit of making Tripura a drug-free state, the Border Security Force (BSF) has once again triumphed in its ongoing battle against trans-border smugglers. In a recent special operation conducted on December 7th and 8th, 2023, the vigilant and alert border-men of BSF successfully thwarted a smuggling attempt, dealing a significant blow to the illicit drug trade on the Indo-Bangladesh International Border.

Acting on specific intelligence input, the BSF team executed a well-coordinated operation resulting in the seizure of contraband worth Rs. 3,30,398. The confiscated items included 100 bottles of Phensedyl Syrup, 165 Yaba Tablets, 375 kgs of sugar, and various other miscellaneous contrabands. This successful operation underscores the BSF Tripura’s commitment to eradicating the drug menace and disrupting the nefarious activities of trans-border criminals and smugglers.

The BSF Tripura, in its pursuit of a drug-free state, remains dedicated to taking proactive measures against drug trafficking. The frequent Anti-Smuggling Drives conducted by BSF in Tripura have proven effective in neutralizing the ill designs of trans-border smugglers, particularly those involved in narcotics and drug trafficking.

This recent success stands as a testament to the BSF Tripura’s unwavering determination to protect the state and its citizens from the harmful effects of illegal drugs. The continuous efforts of the BSF not only safeguard the security of the region but also send a clear message that attempts to engage in illicit activities will be met with resolute opposition. The people of Tripura can take comfort in knowing that their security forces are committed to ensuring a safe and drug-free environment for all.


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