Severe Impact of Cyclone Michuang: Eight Districts in Tripura Anticipate Light Rainfall

Tripura 5 Dec,23: The aftermath of Cyclone Michuang continues to cast its shadow, with a forecast of light rainfall in eight districts. The meteorological department issued a statement today, highlighting the lingering possibility of mild precipitation in the affected areas.

Notably, the influence of cyclone Michuang has hit Tamil Nadu more significantly than Andhra Pradesh. Several regions in the waterlogged city have experienced adverse effects due to the cyclone. Apart from Chennai, other parts of Tamil Nadu are grappling with intense rainfall, leading to distressing situations. Reports indicate eight casualties in Chennai alone, and water has breached various homes across different localities.

Chennai, already waterlogged from the relentless downpour, faces additional challenges. Roads have submerged, rivers are overflowing, and numerous vehicles succumbed to the rising water levels. The impact extends beyond infrastructure, with power outages affecting several areas due to the relentless rain. The deluge has also damaged electric poles, uprooted trees, and collapsed walls in various places.

The heavy rainfall associated with Cyclone michuang has already inundated Chennai. The inundation has resulted in disruptions to electricity and internet connectivity in several neighborhoods, hampering normal life. The situation remains critical, and rescue efforts are underway to assist those affected by the adverse weather conditions.

As the people of Chennai confront the aftermath of Cyclone Michuang, it is imperative to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to minimize further risks. The meteorological department continues to monitor the situation closely, providing updates to ensure the safety of residents in the affected regions.


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