Grand Celebration Marks 75th Republic Day in Dhalai District

In a spectacular event centered around the 75th Republic Day, Dhalai district witnessed a grand celebration at the Ambassa ground. State Minister Sudhanshu Das kicked off the festivities at 9 a.m. by hoisting the national flag, setting the stage for a day filled with patriotic fervor and cultural richness.

Photo courtesy: Minister Sudhanshu Das/Facebook

The ceremony unfolded with a meticulously organized parade, where Minister Sudhanshu Das actively participated. The parade, a display of discipline and coordination, culminated with the minister addressing the crowd, delving into the nation’s hard-fought independence struggle. He eloquently highlighted key aspects of the Indian Constitution, emphasizing the values that form the bedrock of the country.

Following his insightful speech, Minister Sudhanshu Das took a moment to recognize and honor representatives from half-military forces, including police and scouts. Their commendable contributions to maintaining law and order were acknowledged with well-deserved accolades.

Photo Courtesy : Bipasha Reang/Facebook

Notably, government office workers in Dhalai district were also celebrated for their unwavering dedication and service to the community. The event took a festive turn with the exciting Tag of War competition among women from the district police and Ambassa PHC, adding a touch of friendly competition to the day’s festivities.

Minister Sudhanshu Das played a pivotal role in awarding prizes to the victorious players, particularly recognizing the outstanding performance of Obaydul’s team. The celebration reached its crescendo with a vibrant cultural program at the field, featuring diverse dance styles that represented various religious communities.

The 75th Republic Day celebration was not only a testament to the nation’s resilience but also a showcase of unity in diversity. The Amvasha Decimal 8 ground was filled with a significant turnout, underscoring the community’s collective spirit in commemorating this historic milestone in Dhalai district.


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