EM Rabindra Debbrama: Kokborok is an official Language in Tripura

In a bid to promote linguistic diversity and honor the historical struggle of the Tiprasa community, TTAADC Executive Member Rabindra Debbarma has urged citizens to prioritize Kokborok as the primary medium for official work in Tripura.

During a press conference on Tuesday, EM Rabindra emphasized that Kokborok holds the status of the first and principal official language in the region, alongside English and Bengali. He clarified that it is not to be regarded as a secondary language, dispelling any misconceptions surrounding its significance.

“We must recognize the pivotal role played by the Tiprasas in the Kokborok Language Movement that commenced in 1967,” stated EM Rabindra. “This movement reached a milestone on January 19, 1979, when the government officially acknowledged Kokborok as Tripura’s official language.”

As part of the commemoration of Kokborok Recognition Day, EM Rabindra announced that the TTAADC government will organize a rally at Khumulwng and host a program at the Khumulwng Eco Park. The events aim to celebrate the linguistic heritage of the region and pay homage to those who fought for the recognition of Kokborok.

The recognition of Kokborok as an official language reflects the cultural richness and diversity of Tripura, marking a significant chapter in the state’s history. As citizens come together to celebrate this linguistic milestone, the TTAADC government’s efforts highlight the importance of preserving and promoting indigenous languages in the broader tapestry of India’s cultural heritage.


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