Five NLFT (PD) Militants Surrender Weapons to Tripura Police in Major Counter-Insurgency Success

Tripura 16 Jan, 2024: (Yesterday) In a significant development, five members of the NLFT (PD) surrendered to the counter-insurgency unit of the Tripura State Police, including Anandbazar Thana-based Bagichandra Para’s leader, Netajoy Reang (33), Mohanda Reang (36), Sukumar Reang (27), Kironjit Renng (20), and Bishnu Ram Reang (26).

The surrendered cadre handed over a cache of weapons, including a Chinese pistol, two Chinese rifles, 17 live rounds of .22 caliber ammunition, 10 shells for a 70mm short gun, a Chinese-made walkie-talkie with a port, 770 Bangladeshi Taka, two Bangladeshi mobile SIM cards, five extortion notices, and five receipts from their possession.

This marks a significant blow to the NLFT (PD), an active group in Bangladesh, with this group being the latest to surrender to Tripura Police’s counter-insurgency efforts. It’s noteworthy that in January of the previous year, the NLFT (PD) cadre had also surrendered to the police in the Aipur district.

The trend continues, with a total of 26 active members of NLFT (PD) having surrendered to Tripura Police so far. This latest surrender underscores the ongoing success of the state’s efforts to neutralize insurgency and maintain peace in the region.


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