Rampant Cattle Theft Plagues Fotikroy

Tripura 10 Jan, 2024: Fotikroy (Yesterday), a region known for its vibrant rural landscape, is currently grappling with a surge in cattle theft, primarily involving the illicit trade of beef. In recent days, local law enforcement has intensified efforts to curb the growing issue, with multiple arrests being made.

The epicenter of this crisis seems to be the Fotikroy area, where not only cattle but also valuable livestock, including goats and sheep, are falling victim to organized theft. Villagers, along with the police, have managed to apprehend a group of thieves in the Gerao neighborhood, red-handed in the act of selling stolen beef.

The Gram Panchayats from various rural areas surrounding Fotikroy have consistently lodged complaints against the rampant theft of cattle, focusing on the modus operandi of thieves who skillfully execute their crimes, often making off with livestock from farmers’ homes or fields.

Surprisingly, even the iconic bamboo stick, a traditional tool used by Fotikarai’s cattle herders, has become a target of theft. Incidents of unauthorized vehicles attacking cattle herders during their transportation of cows, reportedly orchestrated by influential figures, have also come to light.

In an effort to address these concerns, Sudhanshu Das, the State Minister for Animal Husbandry, and a local legislator personally intervened. Despite his attempts to showcase the severity of the issue by presenting stolen cattle to the police, the law enforcement agencies have been criticized for not doing enough.

The recent theft of two cows from Nishikanta Sinha’s residence in the West Moshauli area further ignited public outrage. Prompt police action, facilitated by vigilant locals and social workers, eventually led to the discovery of one of the stolen cows, abandoned with signs of maltreatment in a dense forest.

The community has expressed its frustration with the sluggish response of law enforcement agencies, leading to protests in various parts of Fotikroy. Residents demand an immediate end to the spate of thefts and call for a comprehensive investigation into the criminal networks responsible for orchestrating these crimes.

 Fotikroy police have launched a thorough investigation into the recent incidents, and a delegation is being sent to court to face charges related to cattle theft. The local community eagerly awaits the outcome, hoping for justice to be served and for the authorities to bring an end to the ongoing crime wave plaguing the region.


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