Bank Worker Injured in Bus Collision – Sonamura

Sonamura: 9 Jan, 2024:

In a tragic incident that unfolded on a Tuesday morning, a bank employee named Nayan Debnath, son of Bijoy Krishna Debnath, residing in Bairagi Bazar, Radhanath Chowdhury Para, Sonamura, Rangamati, became a victim of a serious accident involving a bus and a motorcycle.

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According to eyewitnesses, Nayan Debnath was riding his Pulsar bike with the registration number TR01A6981, heading towards Axis Bank in Sonamura. On his way from Sonamura to Melaghar, a high-speed bus collided with his bike, leaving him severely injured. The impact caused Nayan Debnath to fall onto the road, resulting in a fractured leg.

Local residents promptly informed the fire service upon witnessing the incident. Sonamura Fire Department responded swiftly, rescuing the injured bank employee and rushing him to Sonamura Hospital. However, due to worsening conditions, Nayan Debnath was referred to Agartala GB Hospital for advanced medical care.

At the hospital, attending physician Nayan Debnath observed a deteriorating condition and promptly referred him to Agartala GB Hospital. The incident has raised concerns about road safety in the area, prompting local authorities to address the issue and enforce measures to prevent such accidents in the future.

Meanwhile, Sonamura Thana police are actively searching for the bus involved in the accident. The local community has expressed their distress, and the incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in ensuring road safety.


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