Tragic Accident in Khowai: Bike Collision Leaves Driver Critically Injured

Khowai 6 Jan 2024: In a harrowing incident today, a collision between a pickup truck and a bike in Khowai’s Ramchandraghat Bazar resulted in serious injuries. Around 5 PM, Raju Nandi (45), a resident of the area and father of three, was on his way home from the Ramchandraghat Bazar when the incident occurred.

At the time, a pickup truck with registration number TR 01 AR 1554, originating from Teliamura, collided with Raju’s bike (bearing registration number AR 9273) at the market. The impact was immediate, causing Raju Nandi to be thrown off his bike and sustain severe injuries to various parts of his head.

Eyewitnesses at the market promptly assisted Raju and rushed him to Khowai District Hospital. Due to the critical nature of his injuries, he was later transferred to Agartala GB Hospital for advanced medical care. The incident caused a stir in the locality, with concerned residents taking matters into their own hands.

Local authorities, responding swiftly, apprehended the driver of the pickup truck at Khowai police station. The incident has created a sense of unease in the community, prompting discussions on road safety and stricter measures for vehicle operators.


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