Two NLFT (BM) Cadres Surrender in Tripura

Tripura 30 Dec, 23: In a promising turn of events, two NLFT (BM) cadres, Devjoy Tripura and Dinjoy Tripura, chose to surrender to the Border Security Force (BSF) in Chawmanu, Dhalai district of Tripura. The decision to renounce insurgency and reintegrate into mainstream society was conveyed through a press release issued by the BSF on a recent Saturday.

Both individuals, hailing from Thalchara village in Chawmanu, made the courageous choice to abandon the path of violence during the early hours of the day. This marks a significant departure from their involvement with NLFT (BM), as they had joined the rebel group in October of the previous year.

Tripura, grappling with a history of insurgency over the past decades, has been witnessing a notable transformation. The concerted efforts of central and state authorities have been instrumental in encouraging rebels to reconsider their paths and return to a life of normalcy. Thalchara village, situated in the Chawmanu region, has become a symbol of this positive change.

NLFT (BM), a group with a history of rebellion, has experienced a trend of cadres choosing to rejoin society. The influence of these initiatives aimed at redirecting misguided youth away from the allure of violence is evident in the recent surrender of Devjoy Tripura and Dinjoy Tripura.


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