Bubagra Pradyot Manikya announced ‘Maharaja Kirit Bikram Manikya Scholarship Programme’ to Empower Civil Services Aspirants

Tripura 23 Dec: In a commendable effort to support the aspirations of meritorious civil services candidates of the state, Bubagra Pradyot Manikya has announced the launch of the ‘Maharaja Kirit Bikram Manikya Scholarship Program’ (MKBMSP). The initiative aims to provide financial assistance and counseling to deserving people pursuing courses like UPSC, TCS and others.

MKBMSP Bubagra points out its commitment to promoting youth education and empowering youth to achieve their dreams. The scholarship program is set to make a significant impact on the aspirants by reducing the financial burden and providing valuable mentoring throughout their journey.

Prospective candidates who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the scholarship by visiting the application form at http://tinyurl.com/mkbmsp. The application process is designed to be accessible, so that qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds can avail themselves of this opportunity.

The scholarship covers various courses including the prestigious UPSC examination and other relevant civil service examinations. Bubagra Pradyot, through MKBMSP, envisions creating a platform where talented individuals can excel academically and contribute meaningfully to society through public service.

Speaking on the occasion, Bubagra Pradyot stressed the importance of providing a supportive environment for aspiring civil servants, “The Maharaja Kirit Bkram Manikya Scholarship Program is a humble initiative to empower and promote the dreams of talented individuals who aspire to serve our nation through civil. service. education. is the key to progress, and I am committed to supporting those determined to make a positive impact.”

The launch of MKBMSP marks an important step towards creating a bright future for the aspiring civil servants of the state. Bubagra Pradyot Manikya’s dedication to education and empowerment continues to resonate, building a culture of learning and achievement among the youth.


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