Mysterious Death in Teliamura

Mysterious Death in Teliamura: Local Authorities Investigate

Teliamura, Mungia Dec 19: In a shocking incident, an unidentified dead body was discovered in the canal of D.M. Colony in Teliamura early this morning, around 7 a.m. on December 19. The lifeless form, found floating in the water, appeared alone and was wearing clothes that seemed oddly familiar to the residents, suggesting a possible connection to the nearby Mungia Village.


Upon receiving the report, law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene. Prasun Kanti Tripura, the Officer-in-Charge of Teliamura Police Station; Subrata Chakraborty, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP); and Nandan Vaidya, Second Officer, were among the police officials present at the location. As they examined the situation, it became apparent that the deceased individual had drifted approximately one kilometer from the incident site, which is near the densely populated Mungia.

Further investigation revealed that the deceased was associated with the local spiritual community, known for its deep-rooted beliefs in mysticism. Sources suggest that the individual held a profession as a carpenter and had a history of excessive alcohol consumption. The discovery has shocked the community, especially considering the mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident.

The police, led by Moni, are currently conducting a thorough examination of the body at the district hospital for forensic analysis. Although the exact cause of death remains unknown, preliminary suspicions suggest that alcohol abuse may have played a role. The police, however, emphasize that a comprehensive investigation is underway and that more details will emerge as the case unfolds.

The incident has stirred anxiety in the Teliamura area as residents grapple with the unsettling discovery. The entire region is awaiting updates on the investigation, hoping for clarity on the circumstances surrounding this mysterious death.


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