Seba Koloi

Lone TIPRA Motha Councillor of Seba Koloi Resigns but why?

Ambassa, 14 Dec, 23: Seba Koloi, the solitary representative of the TIPRA Motha party in the Ambassa Municipal Council, submitted her resignation to the Chief Executive Officer on Wednesday. The unexpected decision has fueled speculation, with many pondering the possible reasons behind her abrupt departure from office.

Seba Koloi, who emerged victorious in the 2021 elections as the TIPRA Motha candidate for Ward No. 3 in Bhawaliabasti, tendered her resignation, citing family reasons as the primary motive behind her choice to step down from her role as councilor.

Seba Koloi

The announcement has left constituents and political observers in the region puzzled, as Koloi’s resignation comes at a time when her presence as the lone TIPRA Motha representative held significant weight in the local political landscape.

TIPRA Motha, a regional political party with a growing influence in the state, secured several victories in the 2021 elections, and Koloi’s win in Ward No. 3 was seen as a testament to the party’s expanding footprint.

Seba Koloi

The sudden nature of the resignation has sparked various theories among the public, ranging from political pressures to undisclosed personal challenges. However, Seba Koloi’s official statement insists that her decision is solely based on family reasons, leaving the community to grapple with uncertainty over the true motivation behind her departure.

Local leaders and residents are eagerly awaiting further clarification from Seba Koloi, hoping for additional insight into the circumstances surrounding her resignation. The vacancy created by Koloi’s departure will inevitably prompt discussions about the future political dynamics in the Ambassa Municipal Council.


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