Serious Collision Between Bike and Cargo Truck Leaves Bike Rider Critically Injured

Tripura 24, November 23: In a tragic incident on Thursday in the Transection area of Shantibazar, a collision occurred between a cargo truck with registration number TR 01 1709 and a bike bearing registration number TR 03 B 7974. The bike rider, identified as Gautam Ryang (42) from Nariafung, sustained severe injuries after being thrown off onto the national highway.

Swift response from the Shantibazar Damkal force personnel was crucial as they promptly reached the accident scene. Taking immediate action, they rescued the critically injured Gautam Reang and rushed him to the Shantibazar District Hospital for medical attention. Concerned about the gravity of the situation, hospital authorities transferred the victim to the trauma center at Agartala GBP Hospital for advanced treatment.

Despite having a traffic signal installed at the Transection area of Shantibazar, it has been reported that it often malfunctions, raising concerns about potential accidents. Authorities managing the traffic signal assure that they are continuously working to resolve the technical issues to prevent such unfortunate incidents.

On a separate note, local police officials emphasize their ongoing efforts in managing the transportation of cattle-carrying vehicles in the area. They stress the importance of ensuring that these vehicles operate at safe speeds to mitigate the risk of accidents.

Gautam Reang, the victim in this incident, is reported to be an employee of the Shantibazar S.D.F. office. The entire community is now hoping for his swift recovery, while authorities continue to investigate the circumstances leading to this unfortunate collision. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance on the road and the importance of maintaining functional traffic signals to ensure the safety of all commuters.


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