Tripura Minister Bikash Debbarma Takes Action After Surprise Inspection Reveals Low Attendance at Handloom and Handicraft Offices

Agartala 22, November 23: Tripura’s Minister of Handloom, Handicraft, and Sericulture, Bikash Debbarma, expressed severe dissatisfaction today upon unexpectedly low attendance of employees at the Indranagar department offices during a surprise inspection. Minister Debbarma highlighted the critical role of these departments in rural economic development, emphasizing their utmost importance.

Stating that the offices are vital for the economic progress of the state, the Minister issued directives to department officials to take necessary steps to improve attendance from 10 AM to 5 PM. To ensure the presence of employees in various government offices during working hours, an official notice has been issued.

Minister Debbarma shared that the surprise inspection revealed that at least 20 workers were absent during the visit to the Sericulture department at 11 AM. In response, notices of condolence will be issued, and further measures will be taken against those who remain absent without valid reasons. Additionally, instructions have been given to address any issues against the employees promptly.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to the development of the Handloom, Handicraft, and Sericulture sectors in collaboration with the local communities. Minister Debbarma asserted that the focus is on advancing these sectors for the overall economic growth of the state.

Highlighting the significant strides made by the department under the BJP-led government since 2018, the Minister reassured the public that initiatives for economic empowerment and independent livelihoods will continue in the days ahead. The Handloom, Handicraft, and Sericulture department is actively contributing to the economic landscape, focusing on empowering the people and fostering self-reliance.

As Tripura progresses under the BJP-led administration, Minister Bikash Debbarma conveyed his determination to carry forward such campaigns for economic development, keeping citizens informed and involved in the process.


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