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  • Agartal: Theft happened in Lal Bahadur

    Agartal: Theft happened in Lal Bahadur

    Aguli News 27-11-2022: After being closed for some time in Agartala city, the theft happened again in Lal Bahadur Chaumuhani. A gang of thieves attacked a fast food shop in Lal Bahadur Chaumuhni on Saturday night. A group of thieves took five thousand rupees in cash and a gas cylinder of a poor businessman. Smart…

  • Terrible robbery in Agartala

    Terrible robbery in Agartala

    Aguli 20-07-2022: A terrible theft happened late on Tuesday night in Matchoumuhni area of the capital. The group of thieves stole away leaving the family members at home. According to the incident report, the family fell asleep around 1 am. Then no one could feel anything. The family suddenly woke up around 4:30 and found…